Ruth Ellis

Production Company:
Assistant to Producer:
Shooting Dates:
PHS Productions
Ruth Ellis USA Premiere
Peter-Henry Schroeder
Peter-Henry Schroeder
Fiona Ormiston
Short Film
Erika Rose
Aaron Ure
Ms. Ure
Shooting UpState New York
2nd week of October 2019
Synopsis:  Ruth Ellis was the last woman to be hung at the infamous, Holloway Prison in London for the cold blooded murder of her lover, David Blakely. She stalked him and as he exited a residence, Ruth Ellis pumped six bullets in to him to end his life. She was tried in the courts, found guilty, and sentenced to be hung. Women worldwide revolted but the courts upheld her sentence. She spent the last months of her life in a confining cell, which was five yards away from the gallows. Ruth Ellis hung for an hour after the strangulation by rope, and then her body was taken down. After the execution, the courts voted to abolish capital punishment by hanging, and Ruth Ellis ironically was given the credit for this action.

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