Soldier’s Joy

Soldier's Joy




Richard Schilling


Peter-Henry Schroeder

Title: Soldier's Joy
Writer: Richard SchIlling  - Dr.Schilling is a practicing physician in San Antonio,Texas
Genre: Civil War Drama - 1865 -  Was in Development for several years before shoot date
Place of Drama: Atlanta and the North and South
Shooting Date: June 30,2019 and ongoing
Shooting  Location: Waterville, New York
Shooting Address: 7353 Sanger Hill Road @ Private residence of M/M Carol and Ben Wood
Producer: PHS Productions
Director: Peter-Henry Schroeder
Cast: Ken Bloomberg, Chrissy Collier, Don Jeffries, Dennis Willard
Casting Consultant: Maria S.Curley


Peter-Henry Schroeder, Director-Producer from Los Angeles, CA. has completed
the trailer for the Civil War drama, Soldier's Joy, by Texas based screenwriter,
Rich Schilling on location at Waterville, New York.

The film trailer tells the story about the sacrifice and the thousands of lives lost with an
untold number of wounded and casualties, during this fratricidal, contentious,cruel
and horrific war.

Schroeder cast the film with authenticity with local actors that were submitted to him
by Casting Consultant, Maria S. Curley of Oneida, New York.

Starring in the project were Chrissy Collier, Don Jeffries, Ken Bloomberg, Dennis
Willard and the young boy actor, Isis.

It is anticipated that the film will resume shooting during late summer and early fall,
in several local areas. Falcon Point Film Company, LLC is producing in association
with PHS Productions.

Schroeder has Directed several West Coast projects, and played the part of The
Producer in Ben Affleck's Academy Ward winning film, ARGO. He has accepted
an invitation to be a voting member of the SAG/AFTRA awards Nominating
Committee for 2019.

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