The Workshop

the actor/artist group workshop

established 1979


Peter-Henry founded the Actor-Artist Group Workshop in 1979, which he has dedicated to the ongoing development of the actor’s craft and is where he teaches today. He has provided overall creative training for actors of all levels touching on all the principals he has learned throughout his career as an actor, director and producer and as outlined throughout this website. He passes on his knowledge of this art which was groomed in the workshops he attended in New York and Los Angeles, as given by Paul and Lee Strasberg, The Actor’s Studio West (as an observer), the Film Industry Workshop, Milton Katselas, Miriam Lehman-Haupt and the Little Children’s Theatre. As the life of an actor is that of which learning occurs with each new role, many of his teachings are learned by students and actors who have participated in projects of which he has directed. One memorable tenure was his direction of the critically acclaimed “Playing for Time”, by Arthur Miller, and lead his students alongside seasoned actors who shared nights of theatre at its best.

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